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About Visiting Neighbor

Our mission, vision and ideas

At Visiting Neighbor, we believe that living at home for a lifetime is simply natural!

As we get older and daily tasks get a little harder to manage, we may need assistance from others to accomplish these tasks. Our team at Visiting Neighbor can help make things easier during these times. We have developed a model that offers more coverage throughout the day, we call it Eldercare in bite Sized Pieces. We're there when we are needed the most, whether it's help getting out of bed in the morning, making lunch at noon, or helping you with an evening shower, we’ll be there!

Our Services

We'll create a care plan that best suits your needs


Dressing and undressing may seem like very simple task since we've been doing this all of our lives, but as we get older Dressing ourselves becomes increasingly Difficult. We lose the ability to lift our arms as high as we used to and sometimes we experience pain when we move. We don't like to ask for help but appreciate having someone nearby.


We will help with ensuring the safety of your loved one while they pampered during bath time. They get to call all the shots and we deliver!

Medication Reminders

We'll help remind you when it's time to take your medication or call for refills so that you don't run out.


Let us take on the dirty work! We'll takecare of it all from dirty dishes to soiled laundry and all the things in between like mopping floors, making beds, folding clothes, wiping down hard surfaces and even do your food shopping.

Meal Preparation

Let us help you maintain a well balanced meal plan. You don't have to rely on any microwave Dinners and delivered meals. We'll prepare, cook and serve your meals, with your favorite recipes and even some of our own.

Opportunities to Socialize

We feel socializing is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Visiting Neighbor offers many opportunities to socialize with others at our neighborhood clubhouses where you can enjoy activities with activities Coordinator and other participants. Challenge yourself with mind boggling trivia, enjoy a nostalgic music program or sing-a-long with our weekly piano group.

How it works

Introducing eldercare in bite sized pieces!

We’ll visit your loved one 2 to 4 times throughout the day to make sure all of their needs are met. We’re like the perfect substitute for a family member!

2 visits daily

This plan provides assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping & bathing. For families with limited spousal or familial support.

3 visits daily

A great fit for older adults living alone. Services may include assistance with incontinent care in addition to basic services.

4 visits daily

This plan offers a higher level of support to your loved ones and covers all of our basic and intermediate services with more frequent visits.


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